Nowadays packaging applications are highly demanding. As they can meet a wide range of requirements, multilayer structures become increasingly popular. Food manufacturers, for instance, aim to keep their food fresh by protecting the packed food from oxygen, odour and moisture. Main targets are to prolong shelf life and to reduce food waste. Furthermore, aromas and protective modified atmosphere should be kept inside of the packaging, whereupon the packaging itself should be lightweight, hard-wearing and attractive.

These packaging types are common for fresh meat, cheese, sauces, dairy products and many others.

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are further areas of application. Coextrusion coating of ADMER™ with other plastics onto paper or foil offers additional opportunities in the packaging area.

As there is no single material which delivers all these properties by itself, barrier materials need to be combined with polymers, metals or paper.

ADMER™  serves as tie layer between those incompatible materials and makes high performing multilayer structures possible! ADMER™ resins are well-known for setting the market standards in terms of quality and efficiency! ADMER™ resins are THE missing link for your multilayer innovations!

High performing structures may feature: 

  • Barrier to oxygen,
  • flavour, odour, moisture
  • Mechanical strength
  • Sealability
  • Printability
  • Thermoformability
  • Transparency and gloss
  • Temperature resistance
  • Flexibility or rigidity
  • Puncture resistance
  • food contact compliance

ADMER™ adhesive resin exhibits durable adhesion during secondary processing such as thermoforming, sterilization and orientation.

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