Advantages and Benefits

  • Made in Germany & the Netherlands:

ADMER is produced in the center of Europe. Thus, we are able to offer excellent product quality, permanent material availability and short delivery times.

  • Wide Product Range: 

More than 30 grade formulations commercially available, more than 2000 formulations on hand! Choose the grade that fits to your purpose!

  • Large Safety Stock: 

In our warehouses in Germany we hold a large safety stock of our standard grades. That is why we are able to assure the availability of ADMER should there be an unexpected bottle-neck, production breakdown or even in case of force majeure (e.g. natural disaster).

  • Tailor-made Grades: 

Mitsui Chemicals is always ready to develop tailor-made grades according to your special needs.

  • Technical Service Center: 

Our in-house laboratory supports our customers with plenty of services. Thus, we are able to react quickly to our customers' requests.

  • More than 30 Years Experience:

Mitsui Chemicals has more than 30 years experience in polyolefin-based adhesives and is well-known as pioneer in this field.

  • World-wide Availability: 

Through the headquarter in Tokyo and the branches in New York, Shanghai, Singapore and Duesseldorf, ADMER is distributed all over the world.

  • Joint developments with Leading Machine Producers: 

Mitsui Chemicals holds relationships to the main machine producers and is constantly doing joint developments to offer the best technical solutions to the market.

  • Product Safety: 

We can offer outstanding expertise regarding food contact regulations and all other aspects of product safety.