• Floor and wall heating or cooling pipes 
  • Sanitary and heating pipes

Nowadays the requirements for sanitary, floor and wall heating or cooling pipes are getting more and more challenging with regards to mechanical properties, temperature resistance and long-life cycles. Multilayer composite pipes made of polyethylene (PE, PE-RT), cross-linked PE (PE-X), polypropylene (PP) or polybutene (PB) with aluminum or EVOH are designed to guarantee thermal stability as well as adequate oxygen-barrier properties to minimize potential corrosion of the metal parts that is caused by oxygen permeation within the plastic parts of the pipe. ADMER™ works as a tie layer between the polymers and the aluminum or EVOH while providing on top excellent aging resistance and long-term thermal stability.

Means, ADMER™ shows:

  • High mechanical performance
  • Excellent aging performance
  • Outstanding pressure resistance (AL composite pipe)
  • Stability over a broad range of temperature (20-95 °C) for long-term life cycles

Typical structures


Aluminum panels for building exteriors

Modern buildings are often designed with aluminum panels that dress the outer front as these claddings are aesthetic, cost-efficient and light weighted. They are usually made of multilayer structures of aluminum and PE. To bond the Aluminum layer with the PE ADMER™ is outstandingly suitable.

Typical structure: 

  • AL/ADMER™/filled PE/ADMER™/AL

Cable sheath

Electrical cables are made of several materials like metals and polymers to guarantee water protection. Thus a proper bonding between the different materials is required. This can be easily managed by ADMER™ which serves as a long lasting and hard-wearing tie-layer.

Typical structure: